Want to preview? Here you go . . .

Interested in previewing my novel? Here’s chapter one available to you:


(The novel’s title is The Loyal Treatment.)

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The novel is out there . . .

Thanks to the wonderful people at CreateSpace, my novel The Loyal Treatment is now out there, available for purchase. Here’s the link – give it a look.


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Sharing writing?

So I’m still very new – like a week along – at this whole blogging thing, and so far I’ve been talking a lot of meta talk: what I’ll do with my writing, how I sometimes get started with my writing, and so on.  But I’m wondering: is there wisdom in posting some of my actual writing – stuff composed not only for a blog entry, but for other purposes, possibly publication in journals and such?

On the PRO side, it could be a good way to get some feedback who care about writing.  Right?

On the ANTI side, it could be, um, I don’t know – might someone take my writing for their own nefarious purposes?  But that doesn’t really make sense since I can just copywright whatever I have.  I don’t know – but I can’t help but think that there must be a downside to all of this.

So if anyone has any thoughts, don’t be bashful . . .

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More on the self-publishing angle . . .

So I’ve been looking up information about a couple of sites that a lot of people seem to like, CreateSpace.com and Lulu.com, both of which offer pretty attractive elf-publishing packages.  CreateSpace has direct ties to Amazon.com and thus gives authors an automatic distribution path; I’m a little less clear on how Lulu.com operates.

Anyone have any experiences with either of these?  Or some other site?

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Thinking about getting my novel published . . .

So I’ve had my novel pretty much ready for a little while now – I just don’t really know about the whole business side of things.  I also don’t really have money to sink into the project, so that may well limit what I can do – maybe it means I can’t publish it, except perhaps on-line?  Hmmmm.

In the next couple of weeks I really want to give some time and attention to the process – find out what’s out there, see what other people like myself have done in the past, maybe even make a move or two in the direction of actually getting the thing out there and in the hands of a publisher who would know what to do with it.  We’ll see.

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