Thinking about self-publishing . . .

So I did a little research into what’s out there in the world of self-publishing and got to wondering if that might not be a way for me to go with my novel.  As it is, my efforts a while back with query letters and the standard publishers did not pan out – which is not to say that I should give up, but at the same time, who ever said that the standard track for publishing had to be the way to go?  Especially in the moment that we’re in right now with people accessing movies, music, and now books, digitally, with little or no regard for the old coventions of who’s producing or publishing what.

I have to keep thinking it through – there’s a part of me that wants to have some copies of my book available sooner than later. 

And wouldn’t I still be able to do something with it using the standard publishing later on, especially with a copy of my book available?  I would like to think so.

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  1. How about trying to re-evaluate your query letter, re-writing it and sending it out again?

  2. Well, that’s also on my mind – but I’ve yet to hear compelling reasons NOT to self-publish – hence my post yesterday.

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